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Welcome to Pine Valley Shih Tzu Rescue

P.O. Box 52022 Philadelphia, PA 19115
Established 1991 near historic Bucks County, Pa.



Pine Valley Shih Tzu Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization located in the Philadelphia, PA area since 1991. PVSTR is dedicated to rescuing and re-homing Shih Tzu dogs and other small breeds. We are an all volunteer animal rescue group that takes in the old, the young, the injured, the neglected, the malnourished, the abused, and the forgotten. We save the ones that are in danger of being put to sleep in kill shelters and puppy mills, as well as owner surrenders and abused/neglected cases.

We are not a Shelter or Animal Facility. All of our dogs are evaluated and placed in foster care where our Volunteers provide loving homes for them until the right family comes along. All need veterinary care and some have needed special care. Many need TLC, rehabilitation, and sometimes, all they need is time - time to heal, both mentally and physically. Our animals have gone on to enjoy new and improved lives in loving Forever Homes with their adoptive owners.

We would like to explain that if you are looking for the perfect dog, they are rarely found in rescue or anywhere else. Our dogs often have unknown histories and we do our very best to evaluate each dog with children, cats, and other dogs, as well as determine how they behave in a home. It is important to understand that we have a specific criteria for each dog based on their background and input from their foster families. The purpose of this criteria is to better match each dog with an appropriate family. While a certain dog might appeal to you based on breed, size, gender or appearance, you may not match the listed criteria. Please understand that we are not trying to make adoption difficult, we are trying to make each adoption successful for the dog and the new family. PVSTR provides the vet care that is needed for each animal we take into our Program. All of our dogs are tested for Heartworm, Lyme’s and Parasites. They are brought up to date on all vaccines and spayed/neutered before adoption. If further vetting is needed, such as a teeth cleaning or a surgery, PVSTR provides the extra care for them as well. Please note: We do not adopt puppies to a household where there is no one home during the day. We understand people must work, but a puppy is a big responsibility and needs extra care to insure as they mature, they have the proper training and loving personality when adults. It is not fair to the dog to be crated or alone 8-10 hours a day and then again at night.

We do not adopt to families who have an electric fence. NO EXCEPTIONS!

The decision to care for a pet is a serious one, not to be made without careful consideration. Please remember, they depend solely on you and if you can not commit this to them, please do not adopt.


PVSTR Feature Pets


PVSTR Foster Pets In Need Of Extensive Medical Care

P.O. Box 52022 Philadelphia, PA 19115




Pet Adoption Fees

PVSTR adoption fees range from $250-$500. These fees are used to offset the cost of medical expenses for our rescue animals. Each dog we take into our Program requires a physical examination, receives any required vaccinations (for Rabies, Distemper, etc.), be tested for Heartworms, Lyme's and Parasites, be de-wormed and be spayed/neutered. PVSTR pays for these procedures out of their Medical Fund, which comes from donations and adoption fees. For the most part, our adoption fees reflect the medical expenses incurred for a particular dog, however, because PVSTR believes every animal, young, old, healthy or sick, deserves a second chance at life, we also take in animals that need expensive medical care-- bills that an adoption fee could not cover. Please contact PVSTR for specific adoption fees. Not only are you saving a life by adopting, but your rescue dog comes completely vetted.